Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Cape Inscription and her sister ship ADV Cape Fourcroy are Cape Class Patrol Boats and along with 13 sister Armidale Class Patrol Boats are Navy’s principal contribution to the nation’s fisheries protection, immigration, customs and drug law enforcement operations. The vessels work hand-in-hand with other .... "/>

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The Cape Class patrol boats can: undertake 28-day patrols. sail 4,000 nautical miles before having to refuel. sail to the 50 degrees south mark, in the Southern Ocean equatorial waters. combat the full range of civil maritime security threats. carry a crew of 18-20 officers. identify, track, intercept an extended range of threats in the .... The States SS company took the first contract in 1976 and it operated until January 29, 1979, when it was purchased by Whitney National Bank, it was then leased to Lykes Brothers steamship company and renamed the SS Tyson Lykes on February 23, 1979. On October 20 the Lykes Brothers purchased the ship from the Whitney National Bank.

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